I was born in 1955 and have always been passionate about Archeology, Egyptology in particular, of Peoples, Religions and Nature.

The inclination for these aspects has led me for several years to become a traveler with a particular interest in ethnic and documentary reportage.

Ancient civilizations, man and his work, the environment and nature in which he lives, the religions of the peoples, have become the guiding threads in my travels to different continents.

The civilization of the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Maya, the Incas, the Rapa Nui people (Easter Island), the Khmer (in Cambodia), the Persians, are some examples of research of my travels aimed at enhancing the past of these extraordinary and ancient civilizations.

In my travels, very often outside the tourist destinations, I always discreetly seek direct contact with the different minor ethnic groups, photographing their environment, work, hard work, daily life, to give visibility but above all dignity to their humble lives.

Multivision, a creative form that combines images, texts, short videos, speech, with refined and compelling music, has become my expressive form for some years to tell stories and experiences of these extraordinary journeys.

Isola di Siberut